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Kristina Marie Darling

As a student, I was obedient. I rarely questioned anyone who spoke with the least bit of authority.  Yet the whole time, I remember an unease blossoming beneath my skin.  Its petals unfurling one by one as the pages of my manuscript were turned by my…

An Entirely New Milieu: Rethinking the MFA Story

Jeni McFarland

UPDATE: This piece has been edited since its original posting date. I’ve noticed a trend. It might be chalked up to coincidence, but I’m not convinced. The trend is that journals say they want more writing by women and people of color, but when the submissions…

Support What You Believe In

Gulf Coast Online

Giving to Gulf Coast always makes a difference. Our staff of nearly 35 editors, readers, and interns could not publish such a handsome compendium of art and writing—in print and online—without you. In 2015, submissions, subscriptions, and donations, alongside…

A Special Year-End Subscription Offer!

Gulf Coast Online

Dear friends and fellow travelers!   We took a poll among the staff and it was unanimous: Gulf Coast subscribers are pretty much the most fabulous people on the planet. You love art, literature, and beautiful books, and your subscriptions allow us to…


R.A. Villanueva

Of all the language I’ve transported over to poetry from other realms, “catalyst” is, by leaps and bounds, the term I depend on the most. It’s biochemical—alchemical, even. In its very nature there is activation, modification, change, rupture, drive,…

More Wreck and Less Discourse

R.A. Villanueva

By “traditional dynamic of the workshop,” I mean the ritual by which you “complete” a working draft and then bring that piece to a table or seminar room circled by your peers (and one or more established, accomplished writers) in order to hack away at what “works” or “isn’t quite working yet” about the poem (or story). It’s a well-trod dance by now and for all their perceived and received value, these sorts of engagements are often spiked with caveats.

Gulf Coast at LibroFEST 2015

Mandi Casolo

Last weekend, Gulf Coast Journal celebrated Latino literature, culture, and Hispanic heritage heroes at Houston’s LibroFest. In the festival’s fourth year, literary arts organizations, magazines, activists, writers, and vendors spent the beautiful afternoon…