AWP Cpt.'s Twit Log: A Live Tweet Situation

Conor Bracken

Mar 11, 2014

GC Online Editor's Note: The below livetweets are no indicator of Gulf Coast's, or any otherwise involved parties sentiments regarding AWP (besides Conor Bracken). Any familiar concepts, situations, or reminiscence are merely coincidence--no matter how accurate or prophetic--and should only be used as a precaution for past or prospective AWP attendees. That said: Enjoy Conor Bracken's tweeted AWP experience!

2/26/14 - packed shiniest rain boots for #AWP14 in case I get invited to offsite at the #SpaceNeedle

2/26/14 - forgot to empty carryon #flasks for #bookfair / hotel bar tippling. #TSA #unimpressed

2/26/14 - peanut butter contraband too. "My only explosions are lyrical!" #detainedforquestioning

2/26/14 - for best poem on air travel with #United, see Amichai's "Quatrain 30" tiny.url/ugh

2/26/14 - all xwords in inflight magazines half-filled out with "ooga booga." In green. #isSeidelVoldemort?

2/26/14 - seatmate worried about his poster being crushed in overhead bins. Should be worrying about his 3ft #rattail

2/26/14 - panel idea: From Balzac to George R. R. Martin - how to name everything in yr scene without killing yr reader. #mileheineken number 3

2/27/14 - only brought #Tennyson to read this trip. Worst idea since telling #TSA to feel my abs of steel too

2/27/14 - quick survey of #lanyard line says that pork pie hats are trendier than #berets this year

2/27/14 - a sartorial/meteorological #haiku, for you: Seattle weather / is sunny right now. Writers / in pleather wrinkle

2/27/14 - surprised to see no one using #heelys shoes in the #bookfair... also: note to self: sock garters for #AWP15

2/27/14 - not getting hotel for #AWP15. saving all flyers and will construct a yurt somewhere inside #Minneapolis convention ctr. #foolproofplan

2/27/14 - #Sarabande party for DTM et al is great but no one wants to #mosh. I don't care if it is #Manilow I wanna get hype

2/27/14 - took first #pedicab in my life to an offsite on Pike. needed to walk beside it up the hill. Pike is all hill. #whatisthisaMetaphorof?

2/28/14 - Chuck #Palanhiuk is here! I wonder if he'll sign my alter ego's chest.

2/28/14 - @ #GulfCoast table. Come see us! Tim Riggins has promised to appear and maybe even "bury [his] fist in your chest" if he likes you enough.

2/28/14 - had to say "I hate children" to a clipboard so I wouldn't miss B Hillman's panel. #Idon'treallyhatekids @AmnestyInternational

2/28/14 - Merwin unable to make it to reading with Dean Young. #Staycalm everyone: I brought some poems to read

2/28/14 - while smoking outside with friend, said "Seattleites seem so #unpretentious." Passing Seattleite scoffed

2/28/14 - just described our lowpriced #backissues as "basement entry into a tower of awesome" to unsure buyer. No more late night offsites for me

2/28/14 - have discovered #Rainier beer as cheap alternative to NW food. Feeling like Cortez @ the pacific

3/1/14 - one booth may hide another - pitching my memoir/epic poem/indie opera hybrid "Hipless Romantic" to passing publishers

3/1/14 - fellow Texans #BatCityReview are really nice. didn't say once how #Austin is the hipper younger brother to Houston!

3/1/14 - rumor that the Birds LLC ppl are roving Capital Hill - who's up for squawking and walking? #Starkweatherisdreamy

3/1/14 - can no longer see #SpaceNeedle. been walking for hours. turning and turning in a widening fugue state #gyre.

3/2/14 - #AWP14 is over: my quietness has a number of hungover selves,/so many sunglasses I have borrowed to protect my selves

3/2/14 - #returnflight delayed. then landing was #turbulent. felt like I was in GMHopkins's larynx during "The Windhover"

3/2/14 - safely #homeinHTX. tomorrow #IKEA. need new bookshelf for #backissues and new books